The Jay C Trust


Who we are, what we do

The Jay C Trust was formed in loving memory of Jayesh Chauhan (known to most of us as Jay) to help and support those affected by GBM by providing an empathetic ear, grants and raising awareness. Jay was 56 when he passed away. He was fortunate to have his family and friends around him who rallied to his cause and were there for him every step of the way. We know that not everyone will have this support and believe that no one should have to go through this alone. We pledge to do what we can, to make a difference however small it may be and to help those in need at this difficult time.

Our vision

We are committed to helping individuals and their families who are affected by this devastating disease.  We recognise that not everyone has the gift to support their loved ones in the way that they would wish. We see it as part of our vision to ease some of the burden that is placed upon families at a time of extreme mental and physical suffering.  From experience, we know that caregivers often face the challenges of a Glioblastoma diagnosis every step of the way with their loved ones.  Our vision is a future in which no individual or family has to endure the extreme mental and physical suffering of GBM without emotional and financial support.

Where are we?

We are based in Epsom and will be providing grants to individuals in Surrey and the City of Birmingham.

Our Sponsors

The Jay C Trust are honoured to announce that Four Masters Car Audio Specialists have teamed up with us to be one of our main sponsors.

Four Masters supply high specification audio systems to the car audio trade. This highly successful business was established by Brian and Jas in 2005. Since then, under their watchful eye the business has developed and grown to be one of the key players within the car audio industry. Their desire to set and maintain high standards of customer interaction whilst developing new approaches to work has meant that they are now the market leaders across the country. 2008 saw the launch of their magazine, Driving Sounds, the country’s only uniquely dedicated car audio publication.

We are delighted to be in partnership with Four Masters and would like to welcome them on board as one of our main sponsors!

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