The Jay C Trust

How we can help


Why not come and join us for a friendly chat and coffee? If you wish to share your story we are here for you and will offer an empathetic ear and a warm smile. We are not medical experts but our insight comes from a place of shared experience where we understand the full range of emotions that living with GBM brings.


We recognise at the Jay C Trust the importance of caring for loved ones and spending precious time together.  However, the reality in some cases is that families will face financial hardship. This additional stress can be an unwelcome distraction, at a time when priorities will be elsewhere. Here at the Jay C Trust, we would like to help ease some of that financial burden. If this situation applies to you, we would invite you to make a grant application.  

Our fellow supporters

The Jay C Trust raises awareness and fundraises to support families and those affected by GBM. Please note we are not medical professionals and do not give medical advice on GBM. We can however recommend the following organisations which some of you may find very helpful.  Please click on the links below:  

The Brain Tumour Charity

Macmillan Cancer Support